COVID-19 brought the United States and Britain to their knees

COVID-19 brought the United States and Britain to their knees

Coronavirus put the United States and Great Britain on its knees, despite the fact that these countries are “great” according to their main leaders Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. About this writes the publication The Guardian.

Guardian columnist Nesrine Malik notes that the highest mortality from coronavirus is observed in Britain and the United States. It was the leaders of these countries that, when they came to power, promised their people to roll mountains for their well-being. However, the coronavirus pandemic put everything in its place and laid bare the most painful spots in these countries.

The author of the article recalls that the pandemic was not a surprise. Before the leaders of the United States and Britain were examples of China, where a pandemic broke out, and Italy with huge infection rates. Nevertheless, this did not prompt the leaders of the “great” powers to swift and correct actions in the fight against the pandemic, the author writes.

“In the UK, we consoled ourselves with the conviction that although our leader has his flaws, at least he is not Donald Trump. However, the reaction of the British government to the crisis turned out to be almost as frivolous and poorly prepared as the reaction of the United States, ” notes the Guardian columnist.

Two countries that are proud of their extraordinary economic, historical, and political status are on their knees, the author adds.

“Their fall is the result of Anglo-American capitalism and a tainted political culture,” Malik said.

The author recalls the frivolous decision of the British authorities, which led the country to exit the European Union. The free trade agreement has become one of the “easiest in the history of mankind,” the author notes with irony.

As for the United States, its president, as the observer notes, “plunged” to useless and strange debates about building a wall with Mexico, racist bans and a wild desire to pursue various athletes. In the US, the very concept of “administration” has become obsolete. As Jay Rosen, a professor of journalism at New York University, says: “There is no white house. Not in the sense that journalists use this term, but in the sense that Trump became its head. ”

“By the time COVID-19“ reached the shores ” of Great Britain and the USA, there was not only not enough politicians, but also the bureaucracy necessary for an effective response,” the author notes.

But there is another reason why coronavirus put these countries on their knees. According to a British media commentator, Anglo-American capitalism destroyed the state. In this connection, no warnings could change the situation.

“The economic and political model, which is based on privatization, liberalization and the abolition of labor rights, has created a system prone to regular crises, despite the fact that such shocks were one-time,” the journalist said.

The endless wars waged by Washington have led to the economic quagmire in which the US is drowning today. According to the journalist, without the radical challenges of Anglo-American capitalism, Trump and the Tories have nothing more to offer their voters. And therefore, they must separate the economic suffering from politics and try to blame the migrants, other countries, or international institutions — the EU, WHO, NATO — for the helplessness that their own citizens experience.

“Swagger is a facade. Behind it lies a rotting national landscape, ” the author writes.

As the leaders of the United States and Great Britain try to use their information noise to turn their failures into achievements, triumphalism will naturally increase. The only question now is how many people will continue to believe in this, the author concludes.

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