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Barack Obama: Trump is a ‘chaotic disaster’

Barack Obama: Trump is a ‘chaotic disaster’

Former U.S. president, Democrat Barack Obama responded to Trump's accusations and believes that the reign of his successor, Republican Donald Trump in the crisis with the new coronavirus pandemic is “a total chaotic disaster”. Obama said this in a telephone conversation with his former associates, which lasted about half an hour, reports Yаhоо News, who managed to get a recording of the conversation.

In it, Obama mentioned, in particular, the reaction to the health crisis as a reason the need to elect good leaders and called on his former advisers to devote themselves to the presidential campaign of Joe Biden, who was his vice president and is a candidate from the Democratic Party against Donald Trump in the November elections.

“The upcoming elections at all levels are very important because we are not against one person or one political party,” Obama warned.

Obama, still very popular with Democrats, had already hinted that Trump had rejected the warnings about the risks of a pandemic.

In the conversation, Obama also spoke about the Michael Flynn case. A few days ago, the U.S. Department of Justice dropped the charges against former National Security Adviser to President Donald Trump, suggesting that the judge drop the case. Flynn is accused of lying about his contacts with a Russian diplomat.

“There is no precedent for a man accused of perjury who manages to escape with impunity. It is in this situation that people begin to fear that our basic understanding of the rule of law is at stake,” Obama warned.

“With this approach, things can accelerate very quickly, as we've seen elsewhere,” he added.

The former U.S. president stressed that he also sees reason to support his former vice president in that regard.

“That's why I'm going to spend as much time as I need to campaign for Joe Biden,” he said.

Recall that the White House plans to start working with the U.S. House of Representatives on a new package of economic stimulus measures to overcome the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, as unemployment rose to a record level 80 years ago. This was stated by the press-secretary of the U.S. President Donald Trump Kaylie McEnani.

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