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The progressive wing of the Democrats in action

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for a general strike of workers who continue to work during the quarantine...

The progressive wing of the Democrats in action

The unemployment rate is close to 25%, the maximum of the Great Depression. And the expected fall in US GDP in the second quarter of 20-24% will be the largest since the Great Panic of 1893.

The so-called “essential workers” — doctors and nurses, builders, electricians, couriers, work in several shifts and in the most uncomfortable conditions. The other day, employees of Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods, mainly sellers, movers, and couriers, announced the start of their strike.

They demand higher wages because they have to serve all of America in such a difficult period of the epidemic. In addition, the conditions of their work cause a lot of criticism — in particular, Amazon’s warehouses artificially maintain low temperatures, which is why hundreds of people working there managed to catch pneumonia.

Some time ago, Donald Trump announced the application of the “military production act,” which allows the US government to take control of private companies. But this act also prohibits any strikes at the time of its execution.

Accordingly, workers at Ford and GM, the 3M medical giant, and Tyson Foods meat factories have no legitimate reason to go on strike. All of them fell under the “war production act”.

However, a progressive audience in the United States wants to repeat the experience of 1952, when steelmakers ignored a similar decision by Gary Truman and began a nationwide strike. As a result, they succeeded and forced the management of their plants to improve their working conditions.

Then, in the midst of the Korean War, the importance of the steel industry could not be overestimated, so the Truman administration quickly made concessions. Now America cannot do without “essential workers” either: therefore, the progressive wing of the Democrats hopes to take this opportunity to show the whole country the power of trade unions

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