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8 inventions that will change the world

The modern world is changing at high speed. And a significant part of these changes is provided and encouraged by technological innovations. Perhaps in a couple of years, any monotonous work will be performed by robots. Is it worth it to fear or, on the contrary, to rejoice, the selection of technological innovations that will change the world already in 2020 will help to decide.

We offer you to plunge into the fascinating and exciting world of high technology, as well as to understand together in which sectors of life the most significant changes are expected.

1. Virtual reality

8 inventions that will change the world

In 2020, the world of virtual and augmented reality will pay close attention to scientists. Now the new term Extended reality is gaining ground. With this development, new opportunities appear: for example, improved design through visualization, more visual and efficient modeling and training, as well as service and maintenance. In the world of high technology, there is always room for entertainment, so owners of special virtual reality equipment can always fully enjoy the indescribable sensations of games in different genres.

2. 5G networks

5G networks are a new evolving trend, thanks to which many operations can be performed. Most likely, 2020 will be the time when the network will become widespread and accessible in most countries of the world. Thanks to the ultra-fast speed and stable connection, various gadgets, autonomous cars, and robots will be able to collect, process, and transmit large amounts of data. This will be a significant breakthrough in the field of the Internet of things — a network of physical things that can interact with the environment, transmit data about their state, and accept them from the outside.

3. 3D printing

3D printing is not an invention, but very useful. With it, you can not only print the dishes but even build a house or make a high-quality and accurate prosthesis. However, technology does not stand still, so even well-developed inventions are finding new applications and improving. 3D printing is now also used in bioengineering. Scientists predict that by the end of the decade, using volume printing, it will be possible to create not only individual organs but also a full-fledged copy of a person.

4. New physical capabilities

Another promising trend in the field of technology is the expansion of human capabilities through technical developments. Special implants or special devices will be implanted into the human body, due to which physical abilities will be improved. The most impressive development in this area is cognitive augmentation. She is able to significantly “pump” the mental abilities of the human brain.

5. Artificial Intelligence

A rather unpleasant trend for the future will be the use of artificial intelligence for cyber warfare. According to American scientists, an increase in the confrontation in the Internet space is expected in 2020. For a long time, hackers have been experimenting with the creation and use of automatic algorithms for exploiting and hacking government and corporate networks, and with each year the damage from these operations is predicted to be more noticeable.

Useful advice: You can also expect negative consequences of the massive distribution of fake news, including video and audio materials. Therefore, with the spread of various sensations on the Internet, you need to be especially careful.

6. Autonomous robots

In the coming years, it is expected to improve autonomous robots and their greater penetration into our lives. Now, most smart robots work in a controlled environment, where people monitor them. But soon this trend will change and individual robotic cars, as well as large groups of robots that will work together, will fall into public space. It is predicted that in the first place they will fall into the sphere of agriculture and delivery. Therefore, fears that soon robots will take away part of human work is not a myth, but a steadily approaching reality.

7. Green innovation

Caring for the environment is becoming more and more a priority every year. Scientists work tirelessly to reduce the negative impact of man and the search for alternative sources of resources necessary for life. Neural networks, the Internet of things, and global databases will help evaluate consumption, reduce demand and significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, as well as at the same time reduce the cost of resources and provide new opportunities for their use. Public investment, renewable electricity, custom home management apps, and good green habits will become a habit in the near future.

8. The Internet of our bodies

In 2020, special applications are expected to fully monitor the state of our body and health. In addition, they will also intervene and adjust indicators, for example, ordering drugs for the early detection of a cold or change the blood sugar level with insulin injections. Artificial intelligence will soon even begin to correct human genes.

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