The Pentagon called the number of peaceful victims of US military operations

The Pentagon called the number of peaceful victims of US military operations

Most of the civilian population died in Afghanistan, according to the US defense department.

During the U.S. military operations in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia in 2019, more than 130 civilians died. This is stated in the report of the Pentagon, published on May 6.

A report drawn up at the request of the US Congress indicates that 108 people were killed in Afghanistan, 22 in Syria and Iraq, and two in Somalia.

As a result of military operations in Libya and Yemen, there were no civilian casualties.

A total of 91 civilians were injured.

At the same time, the US Department of Defense emphasized that “they are committed to reducing possible damage to the population,” despite the fact that civilian casualties are a tragic and inevitable part of the war.

Recall that in 2018, the Pentagon reported on 120 dead civilians in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia. A total of 65 people were injured in these countries.

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