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Covid-19: the catastrophic scale of the failure of the US government

Covid-19: the catastrophic scale of the failure of the US government

As thousands of Americans die every day from Covid-19, the catastrophic scale of the failure of the US government is becoming more apparent. As with the assault on Pearl Harbor and the September 11 attacks, the United States remained virtually unprotected.

The results are staggering: in less than three months, the United States suffered as many deaths from Covid-19 as it did in 18 years of fighting in Vietnam. Every two days, the United States loses about as many people as it did during the September 11 attacks. Realistic estimates show that the number of deaths caused by a pandemic will far exceed the number of deaths in the United States during the wars in Korea and Vietnam combined.

The federal government failed to cope with its basic constitutional obligation: “to ensure common defense.”

Despite the fact that the presidential administration carefully planned actions under any scenarios of the situation when the pandemic finally broke out, authorities at all levels were poorly organized and poorly prepared. Due to the lack of clearly defined roles at the international and federal levels, as well as at the state and municipal levels, officials improvised in search of a strategy, too often in conflict with each other.

Failure to contain the pandemic, and then conduct widespread testing, left the nation in deep ignorance of the stages of the development of the virus. The governors of all states were forced to order the Americans to stay at home, which effectively puts the US economy in a state of homing coma without a real prospect of recovery in the near future. Thus, the United States is simultaneously facing the most serious public health threat since the 1918 flu pandemic and the deepest economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Americans have the right to find out what went wrong and how to avoid another such disaster. History shows that the best way to achieve this understanding would be to create an independent commission to study the spread of the pandemic and official response in the United States and other countries, and then recommend measures to governments, the private sector, and individuals in the United States and other countries to avoid disaster the next time an outbreak occurs.

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