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The US presidential race is taking its course against the backdrop of the COVID-19 epidemic

The US presidential race is taking its course against the backdrop of the COVID-19 epidemic

Political technologists of the Democratic Party launched a new big initiative called “Defeat disinformation.” They will use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to create Donald Trump's discussion schemes.

The system will then introduce popular counterarguments into these discussions based on the Democrats ’net of three and a half million influencers. It is supposed to demobilize Trump supporters and make them doubt the rightness of the US president. The main platforms for such work will be Facebook and Twitter.

Curtis Haviland, who previously worked at DARPA, the Pentagon’s secret division for the creation of new technologies, leads this initiative. And patronage over it was taken by retired army general Stanley McChrystal.

In DARPA, Howland first dabbled in his theories on the front of fighting ISIS online propaganda on social media. Now he plans to use them already in the campaign against Trump.

In 2016, the Trump campaign focused on working with digital advertising on social networks. In 2020, they are going to repeat this strategy, which has established itself as successful.

Perhaps the main innovation of the Trump headquarters in the current election is the creation of a separate mobile application for communication of their supporters. It was a cross between a news hub and social media.

In the application, you can register to attend real or virtual rallies in support of Trump, bonuses are awarded for participating in them. Trump activists are given tasks every day: to make a certain number of calls with campaigning or to distribute materials in his support in their area.

The received bonuses can be exchanged for unique attributes — for example, caps and shirts with Trump's personal signature. In addition, active participants are given first-place seats at future events. And the biggest prize is participation in the party congress of republicans at the end of August.

Such gamification of the political process is seen as the future of any election campaign.

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