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Poll: 26% of Democrat voters want to replace Joe Biden's candidacy...

Poll: 26% of Democrat voters want to replace Joe Biden's candidacy...

1991 registered voters of the Democratic Party took part in the survey. They were shown a 35-second video of Biden denying accusations of harassing his subordinate Tara Reid.

61% of respondents thought that the Democrats did not need to change Biden's candidacy in the upcoming elections, 40% of them were sure that he should not be excluded from the presidential race.

40% of those who want Biden gone are young people under 45.

As for Biden's credibility, in a poll of all voters — both Democrats and Republicans — only 41% believe that Biden's denial of the charges is credible.

Recall that Tara Reed claims that in 1993 when she was working in Senator Biden's office, he pressed her against the wall and put his hands under her skirt. Biden denies all charges.

Journalists have found five witnesses who confirm that Tara Reid was telling them about the incident at the exact time that she claimed it happened.

Moreover, there is a video where Tara Reid's now-deceased mother calling CNN's editorial office at the Larry King Live show in 1993 to consult on her daughter's problems with a “prominent senator.

Tara Reid claims to have filed a complaint against Biden, and a copy of this document may be among Baden's documents of the time. Joe Biden himself categorically denied access to those papers.

According to media reports.

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