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What China has prepared in response to Trump's accusations

What China has prepared in response to Trump's accusations

China will respond to US attacks with economic moves, and in general, can move to more actively defend its interests around the world, political experts say.

US President Donald Trump continues to accuse China of spreading the coronavirus pandemic. The head of the White House previously stated: if it turns out that Beijing deliberately allowed an outbreak of coronavirus, the United States is ready for active anti-Chinese actions.

Trump also assured that he has evidence of guilt in China, but “can not talk about it.”

China rejects any allegations. However, the refusal of the country's authorities to allow the World Health Organization (WHO) to participate in a national investigation into the occurrence of Covid-19 added fuel to the fire.

In addition, Chinese officials did not provide WHO with access to the documentation of two virology laboratories in Wuhan, the epicenter of the spread of coronavirus.

West can't let China grow too fast

For Trump, this is an occasion to strengthen accusations against China. Especially for the American president, extremely difficult times have come: in November, the election of the head of state, and the USA is the world leader both in the number of Covid-19 infected and in the number of deaths from the effects of the new coronavirus.

At the same time, the West cannot afford the technological, geopolitical, and ideological growth of China, its rapid development in a short period of time.

“At the head of this struggle are the United States. But, apparently, Germany is also inclined, and then there are a lot of wavering European countries, from Spain to Italy. Which, on the one hand, especially after passing the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, depend on shipments from China and China's investments.

The confrontation will begin at the European theater and, in theaters of many other countries. ”

According to experts, the world as a whole is moving toward a “world of regions”: regional blocs, while regional ones do not need to be understood precisely and clearly geographically defined places.

The geography of these “regions” can be quite bizarre, but two of them — Chinese and American — will be large and strong.

“China will try to unite countries within its bloc”

China will use trade and economic instruments to answer the US, analysts say. Beijing will interact more with the European Union, Moscow, and will try to oust the United States from Africa and Southeast Asia.

China will limit its market to US companies. We have been observing this struggle for the past 10-15 years. It’s just that before it went in the form of fines for manufacturers.

If this war takes on the character of aggravation, then China may take more decisive steps. For example, he can go for explicit cooperation with Iran. He can take a more active part in events in the Middle East, in particular in Syria, ” experts admit, noting that it is quite possible that China will more actively participate in the struggle for its interests around the world.

Also, China will try to unite some countries within its bloc. This is already happening slowly within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

“The Chinese market is very large, for all companies it is a tidbit, especially since now everyone is fighting for sales markets.”

“There will be a brawl, and then everyone will make peace”

Theoretically, China can respond to the United States by abandoning the dollar and transferring trade to the yuan, but Beijing needs time to do this.

“Let's admit that while the richest and most influential people in the world live on the dollar. Chinese “golden youth” live in the West and earn in dollars, “say political scientists.

The US conflict with China will end not even in an economic war, but in a “brawl, after which everyone will make peace.”

“Because everything triples everyone. China suits the United States and Western Europe. He uses their market. The West is happy that after all, China can be controlled through American factories, ” experts explain.

There will be no US-China bipolar system, but there will be “soft multipolarity”.

China has already become the center of gravity in the world. Leaders of many countries turn to China. “The leader of Serbia recently thanked China for helping to fight the coronavirus epidemic.

That is, China is increasing its presence wherever possible, experts emphasize: it comes with loans, buys ports around the world for debts. For example, as in Sri Lanka.

In turn, some analysts do not believe that the creation of a bipolar China-USA system in the world is possible. They note that we have long been living in a “soft multi-polar” world.

“In fact, there is a powerful dominant America and a powerful dominant China. But there is also the Russian Federation, which owns, if not economic mechanisms, but very strong military capabilities, nuclear weapons. An EU that does not have such a powerful army, but has a strong economy. There is India, Brazil ...

What is important, none of the superpowers, China, Russia, and America, can, as during the bipolar system, solve their problems by force. So there are doubts in the bipolar system. Even doubts whether China wants this. It’s not in China’s politics to take the geopolitical scene. China has always carried out economic expansion...

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