WHO has accused the U.S. of speculating on the coronavirus...

WHO has accused the U.S. of speculating on the coronavirus...

The U.S. did not give WHO information about the possible man-made origin of coronavirus, the organization said. According to the WHO, this is “speculation”, and analysis of genetic sequences allows us to assert the natural nature of COVID-19. Earlier, Washington accused China of creating the virus in a laboratory in Wuhan.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has not received any information from the US about the alleged laboratory origin of the coronavirus. This was stated at a briefing for journalists by Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Emergency Programme, TIME magazine reports.

“In our view, this is still speculation. WHO will be very grateful for any information available to the United States,” he said.

If Washington has information or evidence of the virus's man-made origin, the U.S. authorities will decide when and how to share that information, Ryan said. “But it's hard for WHO to work in such an information vacuum,” Ryan complained.

In addition, he added, WHO continues to rely on the analysis of coronavirus genetic sequences that confirm its natural origin.

“Political problems arise very often. But science must remain a priority, we must conduct scientific research,” Ryan stressed. Finally, he said that 'answers to questions' can only be found together, including through Chinese scientists.

Recall that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) believes that the Chinese authorities deliberately concealed some data on the danger and proliferation of coronavirus of a new type. The report says that the Chinese leadership did it to stockpile medical supplies for the department's internal use.

In particular, China did not promptly notify the WHO of the degree of coronavirus infection, according to U.S. intelligence. At the same time, Chinese authorities became more active in purchasing medical masks and respirators, reducing the export of medical devices. It should be stressed that it is not known how analysts of the agency made such conclusions about the actions of China.

A day earlier, the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported that intelligence in Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., Canada, and the UK suspected Chinese authorities of having kept silent for a long time and destroyed data on an outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan.

Chinese authorities allegedly silenced doctors who reported a new infection, destroyed biomaterial from laboratories, and refused to pass on all information to specialists working on the vaccine.

At the same time, U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo told ABC News that COVID-19 had begun to spread around the world from a Wuhan laboratory — and now “the whole world can see it.

As early as April 29, China's Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said that Beijing regretted the use of the coronavirus crisis by “a number of politicians” to “shelf” China.

At the same time, WHO representative in China Godin Galea noted that the Chinese authorities do not invite the organization to participate in the investigation into the origin of coronavirus of a new type.

According to him, a national investigation is already underway in China. “But at this stage, we were not invited to participate,” Galea said. The specialist said the WHO still sends requests “to the health structures and authorities of China” to involve the organization in the investigation. He added that Chinese authorities had not given WHO access to documentation of two virological laboratories in Wuhan, where the original COVID-19 outbreak occurred.

Recall also that in mid-April Trump decided to suspend US funding for WHO. According to him, the organization had to point out that China badly informs the world community about the virus spread. Instead, the organization “praised Beijing for its so-called transparency”. The U.S. leader has repeatedly called the coronavirus “the Chinese virus”, while the U.S. authorities accuse the Chinese Communist Party of concealing information about the origin and contagion of the coronavirus.

Now it is the USA that suffers from COVID-19 more than other countries, the number of dead there is already higher than the total losses of the American army in the Pacific Ocean during the Second World War — more than 68 thousand people died, more than 1.1 million Americans were infected.

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