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Maduro announced the detention of two Trump security officers

Maduro announced the detention of two Trump security officers

Venezuelan authorities have detained 13 mercenaries who were involved in an attempt to invade the country, said Maduro. One of them reported that two captured Americans were guarding US President Donald Trump, he said.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reported on the detention of two U.S. citizens who participated in the attempted invasion of the country, reports local television channel teleSUR.

“Among the captured are the traitor Antonio Sequera and a citizen named Baduel, who said that there were two Americans from the U.S. President Donald Trump's guard among the invaders,” said Maduro.

He also gave the names of the detained US citizens: Luke Denman and Aaron Berry. According to the President, 13 mercenaries have already been taken prisoner, and he mobilized 25,000 military men to find the others involved in the incident.

Maduro announced an attempt to assassinate himself during the mercenary invasion...

A former Florida special forces officer, Jordan Goodro, claimed responsibility for the operation, reports The Washington Post. Denman and Berry, he said, are also former U.S. military personnel who served with him in Iraq and Afghanistan. After Venezuelan authorities reported the disruption of the operation, Gudro released a video in which he said the troops are still in battle.

Venezuelan law enforcement agencies prevented an attempt by militants to invade on the morning of May 3. The attackers, who used high-speed boats, planned to conduct an attack off the coast of La Guayra state. The militants were planning to carry out terrorist attacks, kill government leaders, and carry out government-sponsored turnarounds, the Venezuelan Interior Ministry said. As a result of the clashes, several militants were killed and some of them were detained.

According to Maduro, the militants, who were preparing an assassination attempt, were trained in Colombia. They were funded by the U.S. government, he said. The Colombian Foreign Ministry denied the country's involvement in the attack.

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