The Hill: Democrats are accused of double standards

The Hill: Democrats are accused of double standards

The US Democratic Party is accused of double standards, writes The Hill. The fact is that the Democrats, who in 2018 fiercely demanded trials on sexual violence charges brought against then-Supreme Court judge Brett Cavanaugh, now rushed to defend U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden from similar charges from Tara Reid.

Democrats are accused of double standards because they reacted differently to allegations of sexual violence against former US Vice President Joe Biden and current Supreme Court judge Brett Cavanaugh, writes The Hill.

Both the first and the second, at critical moments of their struggle for higher political posts, were faced with accusations of incidents that allegedly occurred several decades ago.

High-ranking Democrats, who, during the hearing endorsing Cavanaugh’s candidacy for the Supreme Court Justice, more furiously than others, demanded a fair trial of Christine Blazy Ford, now rushed to defend Biden, saying that they did not believe the accusations from Tara Reid.

A similar situation has developed with the media. The latter published obscene allegations against Cavanaugh, without even checking the prosecutors and their statements. In the case of Biden, journalists approached Reed's charges with extreme caution.

Critics in both parties say Democrats and the media during the Cavanaugh hearings set the standard for “Believe All Women,” but did not comply with it when it came to Biden.

“There are clear double standards between the way the media and the Democrats relate to the accusations of Dr. Christine Blazy Ford and the way they now relate to the accusations of Tara Reid,” said Mike Davis, who led the US Senate in approving Cavanaugh. “It was amazing to see Democrats say they believed Joe Biden even before he spoke on the subject.”

In 2018, high-ranking Democrats fiercely reacted to the allegations made by Blaise Ford against Cavanaugh, demanding that the latter withdraw his candidacy for the post of judge of the Supreme Court.

They marched along with protesters on Capitol Hill and used this issue to energize a liberal-minded electorate ahead of the 2018 midterm elections when Democrats managed to regain control of the House of Representatives.

Now, privately, some Democrats are complaining about the standards that they themselves set in 2018, claiming that their past actions have come back to them now that the charges are brought against Biden, writes The Hill.

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