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Justin Amash becomes the first libertarian congressman in US history

Justin Amash becomes the first libertarian congressman in US history

The politician intends to make an influential third force of libertarians.

The legislator, representing the 3rd district of Michigan, left the Republican Party last summer — on the eve of Independence Day as if showing its “independence” from the bipartisan system.

Now Amash has officially joined the Libertarian Party of the United States. And the other day he announced his participation in the presidential election as the third candidate. The Congress of Libertarians of America is scheduled for next month in Austin, Texas.

It is likely that it is Amash who will be able to win there and become a candidate from libertarians in the 2020 elections.

The congressman intends to make the core of his campaign a set of principles such as returning to a minimum state and fiscal discipline, restoring civil rights and constitutionalism, and restricting presidential power.

Amash is convinced that Democrats and Republicans in Washington are bogged down in corruption and lawlessness. Both parties were embraced by the desire for populist slogans and thoughtless spending of budget funds, which led to a sharp increase in the US public debt.

In the event of his victory, Amash promises to abandon the vicious practice of concluding secret deals with the leadership of both parties in Congress. Instead, he intends to communicate directly with ordinary legislators and thus weaken the influence of the party establishment.

As a presidential candidate, Amash refuses to participate in elections in his own constituency. He did not have much chance to win there. After leaving the Republican camp, Amash voted to impeach Donald Trump in 2019. Since then, his anti-rating in the represented district has increased markedly.

Amash hopes to get enough votes in the presidential election to make the Libertarians an influential third force that Amash believes America is in dire need of.

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