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Trump does not belong in the “Norman format”: in the United States called the reason

The US should be involved in the negotiation process, but not under the current American president, Carpenter believes

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The participation of US President Donald Trump in the “Norman format” is not in the interests of Ukraine and cannot guarantee her protection of sovereignty. This was told by former US Deputy Secretary of Defense, an expert at the Biden Center, Mike Carpenter.

In his opinion, the “Norman format” is not the best format because it excludes the US, Ukraine’s partner in security issues No. 1. He believes that Ukraine is unlikely to benefit from Trump joining the negotiations.

“But it really doesn't seem to me that you really need Trump's presence at the negotiating table with other leaders to discuss Ukraine. Because I'm not sure that this will guarantee Ukraine’s sovereignty and protection, unlike most members of his government. For example, former Secretary of Defense James Mattis. This, I think, was one of the reasons why Mattis quit. It will be very dangerous for Trump to be at the negotiating table. And I don’t think it will be in Ukraine’s interests. In the long run, I think the US needs to be involved married to the process, “said Carpenter.

A former Pentagon official believes that joining the United States in the negotiations on the Donbas is not advisable under the presidency of Trump.

Recall that the issue of attracting new participants to the negotiations on the Donbas has been discussed more than once in Ukraine. So, in addition to the United States, options were proposed with Britain and China. However, first of all in Ukraine, they want to “get” the Americans. As previously reported, President Vladimir Zelensky said that while the US’s joining the “Norman format” is not planned, however, he spoke about actions in the absence of progress of the “Norman negotiations.”

It should be noted that in the USA they declare their readiness to join negotiations on the Donbas, however, they note that this may be possible with the consent of all the participants of the “Norman format”, especially Moscow. In Russia, they voiced their position on the United States joining the “Norman format.”

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