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Trump plays Russian roulette

Trump plays Russian roulette

A few words about the risky game of Trump during the pandemic. Will this be his main mistake?

US President Donald Trump announced his intention to soon resume trips around the country, and during his briefing at the White House said that the US people need to wait until the virus leaves and self-destructs.

To the clarifying question — “why do you think that without the vaccine the virus will go away?” Trump simply repeated his optimistic statement.

That is, in this case, it is quite obvious that Trump has no answers on how to defeat the virus, and he just works in a hurry for electoral sympathies. That is why he so suddenly supported the protests in the USA against the quarantine, and also spoke about the need to “open” the economy.

Moreover, the head of the White House promised a swift recovery in the US economy.

“GDP growth in the third and especially fourth quarter will be sensational,” Trump said during a press conference in the White House.

I recall that the coronavirus pandemic led to a 29% suspension of economic activity in the United States, and 26 million Americans lost their jobs. In other words, there are no prerequisites for “phenomenal” growth, and it will take time to restore the US economy.

It seems that Trump wants faster to “unfreeze” the country because of the upcoming elections. He understands that time is playing against him and is afraid of losing in the ranking. Contrary to assumptions about the desire of the American leader to postpone the election, as I wrote earlier, Trump, on the contrary, is interested in the fact that they passed on time. He very successfully used the pandemic to build up his time at the very beginning. The rise of the rating at the beginning of the pandemic was ensured by his decisions on financial support for small businesses, payments to citizens who lost their jobs, closing borders for everyone, including the EU and the UK, and the purchase of strategic oil reserves.

But all his “fun starts” were just a matter of time. And naturally, a pandemic, due to quarantine, began to affect the economy. So Trump faced a choice — supporting the economic situation and stabilizing the unemployment rate or the risks of the spread of the virus. Apparently, he chose the first. From one point of view, from the point of view of political election strategy, there is common sense in this. After all, most Americans live in debt, and they need to somehow fulfill their loan obligations. And as you know, “your own shirt is closer to the body,” therefore, the electorate is most susceptible to such things than to global domestic problems. Even like a pandemic.

But on the other hand, his desire to make enterprises work so that Americans are not disappointed with the leader of the nation due to unemployment can lead to the exact opposite effect.

Already, the United States leads in the number of deaths from a pandemic. 58,365 people died of coronavirus in the United States. For comparison, 58,220 people died in Vietnam. And the states remembered this war forever. No one can predict which figure the coronavirus will stop at.

So the risks are quite high because for the electorate the only thing that stands above personal well-being is their own health and life, as well as loved ones.

In addition, as a counter-strategy, Biden can justifiably use this fact (statistics of the dead) for a political attack by his opponent, presenting this as an indicator of the indifference of the nation’s leader to his own citizens and frankly ignoring the presence of such an internal enemy as the virus.”

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