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Trucks with dozens of bodies found in New York

Trucks with dozens of bodies found in New York

The funeral agency kept the bodies of the deceased in the trucks after the refrigerators failed.

Trucks with dozens of bodies were found near a funeral home in New York's Brooklyn. On Wednesday, April 29, reports the New York Times.

The publication reports that residents of neighboring houses complained to the police of an unpleasant odor. Arriving at the place, law enforcement officers found trucks with dozens of decaying bodies.

One of the officials told the publication that the funeral home had stored the bodies in the trucks after the freezers had stopped working. It is not yet known whether these people could be infected with a coronavirus.

NYT noted that funeral organizations are heavily burdened by rising deaths due to COVID-19.

CNN clarifies that we are talking about four trucks in which 60 bodies were found, at least one of the trucks was not refrigerated.

The city is the epicenter of a coronavirus outbreak in the United States for several weeks, with 17,589 confirmed and probable deaths from COVID-19, according to the city's website.

It was previously reported that in New York, COVID killed 21 times more people than the flu.

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