After heart surgery, Kim Jong-Un "turned into a vegetable"

After heart surgery, Kim Jong-Un "turned into a vegetable"

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un after a failed heart operation is in a difficult, almost vegetative state.

It is reported by the Japanese newspaper Shukan Gendai.

The publication, citing a Chinese doctor called to North Korea, reports, head of the DPRK during his trip around the country felt unwell and was taken to the nearest hospital to provide assistance. Almost immediately, at the request of Pyongyang, a group of 50 Chinese doctors with equipment flew out of Beijing.

According to the interlocutor of the publication, North Korean doctors understood that it was impossible to procrastinate, and decided to independently carry out the procedure for stenting the heart vessels. The operation was entrusted to a local cardiologist who had studied in China for many years. It is specified that this simple operation can be completed in about one minute.

It is noted that the doctor was very nervous, his hands were trembling literally. In addition, he never operated on a patient with such a degree of obesity as Kim Jong-Un. As a result, the stent was placed only after eight minutes.

According to the publication, during this time the leader “turned into a vegetable”, and the Chinese doctors who examined him could no longer help.

Recall that the last day the media, citing various sources, report the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un after a heart operation.

The head of the Korean Friendship Association, diplomat Alejandro Kao de Benos, assured Bloomberg that the information about the death of Kim Jong-Un is untrue.

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