Analysts from China called the three main fears U.S. before Russia

Analysts from China called the three main fears U.S. before Russia

Chinese analysts have named the three main advantages of Russia over the United States, which scare the United States and keep them from open military confrontation. An exclusive translation of an article published in the Chinese edition of Sohu presents “” to its readers.

According to Chinese experts, the United States is showing the ambitions and arrogance, because they are convinced that their army and economy have no equal in the international arena. Washington is so confident in its superiority and impunity that even an organization such as the United Nations cannot and does not try to stop some US actions — including when Washington unceremoniously intervenes in the affairs of other states or exerts unprecedented pressure on them.

Currently, the main opponents of the United States are Russia and China, Sohu analysts emphasize. According to Chinese experts, the United States has always considered Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) its main enemy. However, Washington will not dare to start large-scale hostilities, since Moscow has three main advantages that are well-known to the Americans.

Fast reaction

The first of these advantages is that Russia has a lightning reaction and is ready to deliver a quick strike.

“Russia is a fighting nation, and the Russians were never afraid to fight, it’s in their blood,” the authors of Sohu say.

Despite the economic downturn caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia, having gained independence, actually resurrected and increased its military power, say Chinese analysts. In addition, writes Sohu, the Russians have extensive experience in successfully conducting military operations.

“If war breaks out, Russia's mobilization response will be more convincing than that of the United States,” Chinese experts are convinced.

In support of their words, Sohu reporters cite Russia's experience in local wars — including during the Georgian conflict. Then Moscow made it clear to Washington that it was not worth it to frivolously provoke it into military action.

Nuclear Leader

Another important advantage of Russia is its significant nuclear potential.

“Most of the world's nuclear warheads are concentrated on the territory of the Russian Federation,” writes Sohu.

This is a significant deterrent that prevents the United States from starting a war with such a dangerous rival.

“The US has a rich navy, but Russia can counter the US naval power with the latest anti-ship and intercontinental missiles. And with the advent of hypersonic weapons in Moscow, American aircraft carriers no longer pose such a threat to Russia as before, ” Sohu experts say.

At the same time, Chinese analysts recall, Russian nuclear submarines have no world analogs.

Economic stability

Another advantage of Russia is not related to military power, but to economic stability. Washington struggled, but could not prevail over Moscow, using various kinds of sanctions.

According to Sohu analysts, Russia's economic difficulties were caused by the fact that after the collapse of the USSR, new strategic approaches had to be formed in the post-Soviet space.

“After Vladimir Putin became president, the economic situation in the country has improved significantly,” the authors of the Chinese publication emphasize. “Since then, Russia has been developing rapidly due to the export of energy and weapons, as well as conducting transformational reforms in the structure of the economy.”

The United States has repeatedly tried to cut off Russian export trade routes, but their own actions have pushed more and more countries into the Russian camp.

“Russia is a big country, and it’s not easy to block,” Sohu analysts say.

Thus, the US is afraid of Russia and will not dare to start a war with it, since it is by no means certain of its victory, Chinese experts summarize.

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