Mass starvation begins in the US due to unemployment

Mass starvation begins in the US due to unemployment

The collapse of the “American dream”: due to the spread of coronavirus infection in the United States, many businesses not only temporarily closed, but went bankrupt. Millions of people were thrown into the street...

Unemployment in a short time reached record levels. 26.4 million Americans applied to the labor exchange for benefits. Most of them have no savings — only debts to banks. The habit of living on credit played a cruel joke with them — most of them were left without livelihoods. For many, things are so bad that there is no money even for food.

Starving Americans reached out to Food Banks, charitable organizations delivering food to the needy. At the moment, 22 million people have already applied there. Not all of them were able to get meager food sets as charitable assistance — they are also not enough for everyone.

As in the United States, the number of cases is rapidly approaching one million people and the authorities predict a further increase in the number of infected people, the situation in the United States will only worsen. Many Americans are forced to refuse treatment — medicine is paid, but not everyone has insurance. However, even those who have it can not afford artificial ventilation — there is simply no one to pay for it! After all, not all insurance covers such costs for medical care.

In a matter of weeks, a real “zombie apocalypse” may come in America — starving infected people will scour the streets, crime will grow, looting will become commonplace. Trump’s bragging and his promise to “make America great again” faced the harsh reality of the coronavirus and did not pass this test. The US States are rapidly falling into the abyss, from where it will be very difficult for them to get out.

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