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9-year-old child accused of the massacre

A child could deliberately provoke a fire in a trailer park

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Earlier in the United States, a little boy killed an older sister, and now the prosecutor's office of the US state of Illinois charged a nine-year-old child with the murder of five people.

According to Sky News, the incident occurred in April this year — as a result of a fire in the Timberline trailer park, located near the town of Goodfield, five people were killed, including two children aged one year and two years.

Illinois chief prosecutor Greg Minger refused to disclose any other information about the suspect but said that the district investigator concluded that the fire was intentionally started.

The prosecutor's office notes that it will be extremely difficult to prove in court that a child intended to kill five people.

It should be noted that according to the FBI classification, the killing of more than three people is considered massive. Since at least 2006, no charges have been brought against such a young defendant.

Recall that earlier this year a pregnant woman with a gunshot wound was brought to the Seattle hospital in America — her four-year-old son found a loaded gun and shot his mother in the face.

And last month, a 14-year-old admitted to shooting five members of his family in Alabama. The shooting killed three children. The motives for the murder are not yet called.

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