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New York City authorities named the source of the coronavirus in the state

New York City authorities named the source of the coronavirus in the state

Prior to the closing of entry from Europe, 2.2 million people, including those who might have been infected, arrived at New York and New Jersey airports.

Coronavirus to New York State was brought from Europe, not China. Governor Andrew Cuomo made this announcement.

According to a study by the Northeastern University of the United States, by March 1, when the state had registered the first confirmed case of the disease, more than 10 thousand people had already been infected. In his opinion, the most likely source is Italy.

Cuomo recalled that a ban on entry from China to the U.S. was introduced on February 2, while the decision to restrict entry from Europe was taken only in March.

He accused the US administration of the slow response to the epidemic in China, from where the alarming reports started to come in January and February.

According to Cuomo, 2.2 million people flew from Europe to airports in New York and New Jersey during those two months, many of whom were probably carriers of COVID-19.

“We went into action two months after the outbreak in China. By the time we got to the point, “the horse had already left the stable,” the governor said.

According to the first study for coronavirus antibodies in New York, 14% of those tested were infected. That's how 2.7 million people in the city could have gotten sick.

In total in the USA already more than 925 people who became ill with coronavirus, more than 52 thousand died and 110 thousand recovered.

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