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Kim Jong-un hiding from a coronavirus in a beach villa

Kim Jong-un hiding from a coronavirus in a beach villa

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is currently hiding in a private beachfront villa on the shores of the East Korean Gulf of the Sea of Japan. This became known to the South Korean channel Channel A.

According to him, the North Korean leader left Pyongyang last week, where there are increased risks of catching a coronavirus infection due to the high population density. In addition, coronavirus was allegedly detected in people from a close circle of politicians.

To protect himself, Kim Jong-un decided to take a private train to the area of the North Korean beach resort of Wonsan-Karma, where his Villa is located. It is also known that a private medical facility is located on the territory of the residence.

On April 21, CNN, citing US intelligence officials, said that Kim Jong-un was in critical condition after the operation. Later, the South Korean agency Yonhap denied evidence of a deterioration in the well-being of the North Korean leader. This was confirmed by the representative of the presidential administration of South Korea.

The authorities and the media in North Korea did not respond to reports of health problems with Kim Jong-un. It was noted that earlier they quickly reacted and refuted various rumors.

The speculation about Kim Jong-un's health began after he missed Kim Il Sung's birthday celebration on April 15th. Four days before this, the politician was present at the government meeting, after which he did not appear in public.

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