Iranian ships were ordered to sink U.S. Navy ships...

Iranian ships were ordered to sink U.S. Navy ships...

Tehran is ready to escalate relations with America

In response to an order from US President Donald Trump to destroy Iranian boats in the event of their approach to the US Navy, Tehran issued a similar order.

According to Tasnim, the order to attack the US Navy ships was given by the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Brigadier General Hussein Salami.

“Tehran will most decisively react to any threats to Iran’s national security and territorial integrity. The IRGC Navy has been ordered to attack the vessels of the US terrorist army in the event of a threat to Iran’s civilian or military courts,” Selami said.

The Iranian military leader called the safety of the Persian Gulf a matter of strategic importance for Iran and explained the incident, during which his country's military boats came too close to the US warships when they were performing training exercises with army helicopters in the international waters in the Persian Gulf.

“During the incident last week, we watched the random maneuvers of the US Navy. American ships interfered with our logistics vessels with their dangerous maneuvers," Selami said.

Recall that relations between the United States and Iran escalated after the assassination of Al-Quds Iranian special forces commander Qassem Soleimani on January 3 in Baghdad, where his car was blown up by an American drone.

In response to this, on January 8, Iran launched ballistic missiles at two military bases — Ain al-Assad and Erbil in Iraq, on which American troops and international coalition forces are deployed. On the same day, Iranian air defense systems shot down a Ukraine International Airlines plane with 167 passengers and 9 crew members on board. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps took full responsibility for the tragedy.

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