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Brad Pitt as the weatherman on The Jim Jefferies Show

Brad Pitt as the weatherman on The Jim Jefferies Show

American actor and director John Krasinski decided to diversify himself and a couple of thousand people quarantine, filming a home show. In his last issue, Brad Pitt appeared.

In a Sunday episode of the show called Some Good News, 56-year-old Pitt appeared as an impromptu meteorologist.

“We should find out the weather forecast,” Krasinski said to the camera and continued: “Brad, how are you?”

Then Pitt appeared on the screen in a green sweater and cap, looking out onto the street from his balcony. “It looks ... very good. Yes, ”the actor said, with the air of an expert, and the camera switched back to Krasinski’s home studio.

In addition to Pitt, the Jonas brothers, Billy Elish and Chance the Rapper appeared on the Sunday edition of Some Good News.

Note that this is not the first time Pitt is trying on the image of a meteorologist. Previously, he appeared in several episodes of the Jim Jeffries Show, where he offered a gloomy weather forecast.

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