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COVID-19 can destroy New York?

COVID-19 can destroy New York?

Residents of one of the major megacities of the planet believe that a pandemic will radically change the city. These issues were discussed at the New York Economic Recovery virtual forum. Details reported by The Jewish Voice.

According to forum participants, millions of residents will leave the city due to a pandemic.

“Our employees are also important to us, like Saudi Arabia’s oil,” said Seth Pinsky, Director General of 92nd Street Y Sports and Entertainment Center. “This is our most valuable resource and the basis for our economic development. If we lose our employees, then we will have serious problems with business recovery. ”

According to preliminary data, the crisis could have a devastating effect on four urban areas — Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. There are located the enterprises that have suffered the most from antiviral measures — restaurants, shops, beauty salons, recruitment agencies, and tourist offices.

Analysts fear that people after the epidemic will not come back, but simply liquidate their businesses.

Another question that worried the participants in the discussion: why exactly New York was so affected by the coronavirus. Several reasons were mentioned. The first, the most obvious one is that New York is the largest tourist center on the planet.

The second is specific to this city, but so far little has been said about this factor. This is public transport.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Jeffrey Harris sees a parallel between high metro traffic and “a rapid exponential increase in infections.” In his opinion, it was the metro that became the main factor for the rapid spread of the virus.

Across the country, only 5% of Americans travel to work by public transport, in New York, 39% use the subway, 11% use buses, and only 23% travel by private transport.

Replacing cars with public transport was one of the main activities for the last two mayors of New York — Bloomberg and De Blasio.

In recent years, in Manhattan, as part of the struggle for the environment, the number of parking spaces has significantly decreased, people simply have to get to work by public transport.

Now, according to experts, many of those who used to ride the subway or buses will realize that transportation has become a threat to their lives. In order to support small and medium businesses, the “City that never sleeps” must start working differently.

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