Trump vs. Biden. The election in the US on the background of the pandemic

The global economic crisis, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the oil wars are the backdrop against which the US presidential election goes to the finish line. All these phenomena contribute to instability in the public mood and functioning of the state and can significantly influence the results of the voting.

The main contenders are the incumbent President — Donald Trump of the Republican Party and Joe Biden of the Democratic — ex-Vice President of the United States under the Obama administration. Recently, there was intrigue about the Democratic candidate, however, after the “super-Tuesday”, that is, the day that primaries are held in most states at the same time.

The undeniable victory was won by Biden, many of whom had already been debited, amid a sluggish start. However, he eventually became the main party representative when Benny Sanders withdrew his candidacy on April 13 and supported Joe in the presidential election.

The main battle between them is likely to be over whether a country unites in a crisis, or whether the separation will put it at an exorbitant price. So Trump came to power in 2016 with a more divisive approach, and amid scandals during his presidency, his rhetoric remains in line, with Biden standing in front of a leader advocating traditional American leadership based on unity and solidarity.

Given the challenges facing the country and preparing for the fall election, Donald Trump has begun to flirt with the public, and has pushed through the $2.2 trillion allocations to fight the coronavirus and support the economy! These funds will be used to support businesses, allocate resources to congested health care providers and help poor families in the deepening of the coronavirus epidemic.

Biden described his opponent's reaction to the spread of coronavirus as: “an inability to plan, prepare, carry out an impartial assessment and inform the residents of the country of the threat... has had catastrophic consequences. We cannot repeat these mistakes. “

Against this background, the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, expressed his support for Joe Biden. He noted that Biden is the nation's best hope for a coronavirus pandemic to be a unified and prosperous state, and given polls where Americans believe Obama will be a better leader than Trump in a long-running pandemic with 52% and 38% of the vote, Barack's support for his administration's vice president is only a plus.

At the time, Donald Trump had far more opportunities than his opponent in the media. Quarantine restrictions imposed in most states allow the president to appear on television and use any media outlet for his campaign, while his opponent does not have the ability to traditionally travel around the country and speak to his supporters.

However, Biden's office expects that by the fall, he may unite a coalition of white workers, many of whom will lose their jobs, African Americans most affected by the current pandemic, and even some Trump supporters who do not approve of his state leadership. The experience and predictability of leadership, experience, and empathy are the qualities he will be able to offer them.

Newly published polls cited by CNN, among registered voters, are ex-vice president of the United States with 53% support and Trump 42%. However, this rating does not show the true balance of power, because specifically in this election campaign, which takes place against the backdrop of the global crisis, the initiative is on the side of the current administration. And how it handles these challenges depends largely on the outcome of the election. So for now, trumps are in Trump's hands, and we'll see what happens next.

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