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American media praised Russian missiles Zircons

American media praised Russian missiles Zircons

Russian Zircon hypersonic anti-ship missiles pose a serious threat to any fleet because of its speed.

According to the American publication National Interest, “Zircons” methods to develop speed five times higher than the speed of sound (five Machs). Moreover, the Russian military wants to bring it to nine Machs.

A flight with a speed of more than five Machs will provide so much kinetic energy that even a concrete-filled warhead will provoke a powerful explosion when it hits the ground or makes a hole in an aircraft carrier, the newspaper notes.

In addition, the author of the article notes that such a missile is almost impossible to intercept and destroy in the air because of its speed and maneuverability.

We previously reported that ongoing state trials of the Zircon shipboard missile system include hypersonic missile launches from underwater from the Severodvinsk submarine. Previously, firing from the head submarine of the improved project 885M Kazan was planned, but its tests were delayed.

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