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The media hinted at the possible role of Bill Gates in the creation of coronavirus

Billionaire Bill Gates may be involved in the creation of coronavirus. That's what the New York Times is writing about. The newspaper refers to the Zignal Labs research center.

It is noted that the spread of a new infection may be in the interests of the founder of Microsoft. Apparently a billionaire wants to make money from vaccine production...

Among those who disseminate such conspiracy theories, there are well-known personalities. For example, this is the TV presenter Laura Ingraham and the nephew of former US President John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy Jr. The latter, by the way, is one of the leaders in the global anti-vaccination movement.

Why Gates needs coronavirus

Proponents of the theory of Gates's involvement in the coronavirus pandemic identify three reasons why he allegedly provoked his leak. Some believe that this is part of his plan to cull the world's population, while others are sure that he is trying to create a new system of global surveillance based on the desire of states to control the contacts and movements of those infected with the coronavirus. Many are also convinced that Bill Gates, who lost the title of the richest man on Earth to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, wants to make money on a vaccine against COVID-19. However, they do not report whether he has it or not.

Conspiracy theorists have reported Bill Gates's involvement in the coronavirus pandemic. The reason for this was his speech five years ago, in which he talked about the possibility of a global epidemic. Gates himself does not admit his “guilt”.

Guilty Without Guilt

At the time of publication, there was no conclusive evidence of a connection between Bill Gates and the coronavirus pandemic. Conspiracy therapists, trying to convince the Earth's people of their involvement in the chaos that is happening in all countries, cite as an example the recording of Gates' speech at the TED conference, made five years ago, in April 2015.

In 2015, Bill Gates did not suspect that because of his theories about the possibility of a global epidemic, they would begin to “blame” the spread of coronavirus

The video is available on YouTube and a number of other video services, and in it, Bill Gates talks about the existing likelihood of a global epidemic and the dangers that it poses. He also listed the measures that governments should take to prevent it. At the time of publication of the material, views of this video on YouTube exceeded 26.2 million views.

Bill Gates Fights Coronavirus

The founder of Microsoft at the time of publication of the material did not react in any way to conspiracy theories related to his personality. At the same time, over the past few weeks, he has been actively speaking out about the actions of the US government to solve the problem of the spread of the virus, and also give advice to citizens on preventing infection.

Gates began to urge everyone to strictly observe the regime of self-isolation and as soon as possible to undergo a test for coronavirus. In his criticism of the US authorities, he never once mentioned the name of the current American president, Donald Trump, but he repeatedly called the actions of the authorities insufficiently decisive or erroneous.

In particular, on Twitter, Gates criticized Trump’s recent decision to stop funding the World Health Organization (WHO), calling it a dangerous decision. Almost immediately after that, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates Charity Fund allocated $150 million to fight coronavirus. The total amount of donations from the fund to destroy the virus exceeded $250 million.

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