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What the presidential panic leads to

What the presidential panic leads to

Trump calls himself the president of “wartime.” But precisely during the war period, the head of the state cannot give vent to feelings, emotions, indulge in panic. Wartime for any leader is a time of firmness, cold mind, logical and planned actions. However, many steps and decisions of the American president cannot be explained by panic.

One of the reasons for Trump's absurd, panic steps is his lack of political experience and management of the state system of the country. It should be recognized that not only with Trump the effective link between Washington and individual states, but the logistics of the war on the virus are also failing. This was the case, for example, when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, recalls Joshua Sharfstein, a public health expert at Johns Hopkins University. Then the confusion between the center and the states did not contribute to the quick elimination of damage. Today, well-coordinated actions are mainly not obtained. And individual states are forced to form communities to carry out joint effective measures against a pandemic, without hope for a federal center.

Even when Trump’s associates, inspectors from the Coordination Center illustrates this gap, the president does not find anything better than relieving them of their work and appointing new ones. Jeremy Konyndyk, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, calls this situation “insanity,” because, in his opinion, Trump “wants attention, not responsibility.”

And you know, he is right. Trump terribly unlucky, it was at the time of the promotion of a difficult election campaign, even after an impeachment attempt, that the coronavirus “planted” him. And this explains the panic, unpredictable feverish decisions that the president sometimes makes.

It seems that the four-page revival program of America, prepared under the leadership of Trump, presented to him on Thursday, should have looked solid and logical. “We are starting our lives again,” Trump said during a daily press briefing. “We are starting the rejuvenation of our economy again.” He added: “This is a gradual process.” And suddenly he adds that some states may begin work “literally tomorrow.”

Trump's desire to “launch” the flywheel of the American economy, to remove restrictions on the movement of people in principle is understandable, expected. Many heads of state also constantly think about it, calculate steps. However, on April 14, there were 28,300 epidemic deaths in the United States. The validity of Trump’s claims about the speedy “discovery of America” is collapsing and in light of the latest data from the Harvard School of Medical Research, which says that “social distance” can be extended in the United States until 2022.

You can understand the behavior of Trump and due to another circumstance. Then, when the country must be mobilized and monolithic as never before, individual states begin to play their own game, waving off Washington. Seven Midwestern governors announced Thursday that they would coordinate efforts to open up their economies. Similar pacts were announced earlier this week in the west and northeast. And, mind you, this is before the advent of Trump's widely publicized program. That is, there is separatism in the implementation of public policy regarding the pandemic. Or maybe in relation to the more serious and holy: the integrity of the United States? So any president’s head will spin.

And then there are 22 million Americans who were left without work this week. For a long time, Trump simply shone, claiming that the country's unemployment rate was falling to a record low, his rating was growing. Today, the owner of the White House is well aware that many panegyrics, political projects, and charming prospects that he could offer to society are completely grossed out by a gigantic huge clear figure.

The unexpectedness and unsoundness of Trump's new program puzzled even CNN's European correspondent Frederick Pleitgen. “President Donald Trump shocked not only Americans but many around the world with his insistence this week, that ... if it comes to resuming the country's economy affected by a coronavirus,” he wrote on April 16. Moreover, in Europe, where the peak of the epidemic is considered passed, on April 15 it was decided not to rush into the opening for the economy, etc.

True, signs of panic in the words and actions of Trump appeared much earlier. The epidemic that has just begun in the United States, despite the alarming data from Wuhan, then Italy, Spain, did not receive the attention of the owner of the Oval Office at the beginning of the year. On the contrary, when asked what he would do to combat the pandemic, he replied that he was thinking how soon America would be able to carry out a manned flight to the moon.

Not entirely logical and expected was the reaction of the US president on the US-Chinese front. Almost at the beginning of the epidemic, he contacted Xi Jinping, expressed sympathy and reported to reporters that they had a “great conversation.” How surprised the public was when, literally a few days later, through the mouth of the president, Washington began to exploit Beijing’s guilt in the global pandemic. He stubbornly exploited the term “Wuhan virus” for some time, menacingly “running into” the Celestial Empire, demanding solidarity from other Western colleagues in this matter.

But the topic of indemnity from China, which is allegedly guilty of the fact that the United States was captured by such a large-scale epidemic, demanding from Beijing almost 2 trillion dollars, became the height of the illogical, panic movements in the White House. Today, Trump said that he is opening a new investigation into the origin of the virus.

Equally unexpected, completely unjustified was the sudden attack by Washington on the World Health Organization. Accusing the head of WHO of helping China to conceal the epidemic, Trump decides to stop funding this global organization.

And suddenly, after these treacherous, sudden, inexplicable actions, Trump suddenly, excuse me, with some fright, declares that the United States is ready to provide humanitarian medical assistance in the fight against the epidemic. And to whom? The worst enemies — Iran and North Korea. Even his ardent supporter — the head of the Department of State — did not immediately realize how this gesture of the boss can be explained to reporters. Moreover, both countries rejected this assistance.

Nothing but panic could justify the unexpected statement by the head of the White House that wearing masks and washing hands was not a very important thing during the epidemic. After he said this at a briefing at the White House, the state governors began an intensified campaign of social distancing and recommending staying home. From this moment the split between the center and the states began.

Washington pool reporters recently interrogated the president during a press conference, why he accepted help from Russia. To which Trump replied that “Putin is a great guy” and that “when they give the necessary equipment, they must take it.” However, when American newspapers stated that Putin had contributed to the pandemic, no objections or denials were heard from the White House. But when the death toll in America approached 25 thousand, and the governors feverishly moved the ventilation apparatus between the states to help each other, Trump quite logically stated that he was going to send the ventilation apparatus to Russia, since there they are in great need.

Finally, another important detail. The other day they will start issuing 70 million checks with benefits in connection with the epidemic, which will depict Trump's signature. ABC News called this presidential decision “an obviously unprecedented move.” His opponents immediately straddled the topic and stated that the delay in the payment of compensation to citizens was connected with this election initiative of the president. And even those who were supposed to get even a small, but aiding, saw this simply as an election trick of the presidential candidate 2020.

It must be admitted that moments, panic attacks were visible in the actions of the presidents and prime ministers of many states. Naturally, this did not have the best effect on their fight against the epidemic. However, there were other examples. A. Merkel, which was almost written off, showed firmness, clarity of actions, restraint in communication with his people. “In particular, her balanced appeals to the nation are in stark contrast to Trump's raucous daily briefings, which worried stock markets and alarmed health experts,” CNN assesses the situation.

“There must be someone who is the national face of the crisis response. — Journalists of the American CNN write, comparing Trump and Merkel. — That's why the Chancellor, for this there is a president. And you have to play this role. And it’s best for you to play it, recognizing that you are not the boss who is responsible for everything, but the one who, as you know, should personify the same answers for the whole country. “

Obviously, all of humanity is facing a crisis. Not only politicians but even doctors today have not fully understood what they have to confront. Usually panic occurs when a person is faced with an unusual, inexplicable. Yes, Trump was not the mayor of the city, he does not quite understand the powers, challenges, and responsibilities that governors face. But the drama is that today he needs to obey and take into account the opinion of specialists, experts, and the apparatus. Then, when he cannot show it, he still wants to be a leader where this is not possible.

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