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The response to the coronavirus epidemic

The response to the coronavirus epidemic

About the short memory of democrats and the media sympathizing with them and how effective the socialized health care system is.

The Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) that began in China spread rapidly around the world. According to Democrats, only a socialized health system and the active participation of government officials in it can quickly defeat the epidemic. Our introduction of socialized medicine is covered by the slogan “Medicare for All”.

In Great Britain, Italy and Spain, where a viral disaster occurred, a health care system with a single-payer — the state — has long been operating. In the UK, this system is called The National Health Service (NHS). It was adopted back in 1948. Under the socialized health care system, all expenses for medical services and many medicines are free and covered by a special tax. It sounds very attractive.

In 2019, the BBC published an NHS report on the state of the country's health care system. By early 2019, there were 4.42 million people on the waiting list for routine operations. Of these, 18% had been waiting more than 18 weeks for a scheduled operation. About 77% of those who needed surgery to remove cancer had to wait up to 62 days. According to The New York Times, the English NHS was poorly prepared to fight the coronavirus. In particular, hospitals suffer “a shortage of ventilators and beds used in intensive care, many hospital workers buy masks and protective hoods ... If the number of seriously ill patients exceeds the projected number, doctors will have to decide whether to save the lives of the weakest patients to help those who have a better chance of survival.

In Italy and Spain, if a hospital is overcrowded, patients over the age of 80 can be taken off the ventilator or not taken at all to make room for a younger patient who has a better chance of survival. The Italian Association of National Physicians reported an increase in the number of deaths from coronavirus due to a lack of protective equipment. The newspaper El Pais wrote that Spain has also seen an increase in the number of deaths of doctors and medical personnel from coronavirus. According to the Royal College of Physicians of the UK, one in four doctors does not work because they are sick or under quarantine. Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of the English magazine The Lancet, wrote that “the country's national health system is completely unprepared for this epidemic.

European countries have been undergoing a strict regime of saving everything possible for the last 10 years. And first of all, they have been saving on health care. Therefore, in many European countries, there was a lack of necessary medical testing devices and protective equipment. This shortage is very acute in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. The shortage of testing devices has been one of the reasons for the explosion of fatal accidents in Italy and Spain. In these countries, many patients were admitted to hospitals at a late stage of the disease.

Another problem in Italy, Spain, and Portugal was the shortage of medical personnel. This was due to the relatively low salaries of medical staff. Many of them have moved to places where salaries are higher.

The American media cites South Korea, Germany, and Sweden as examples of successful resistance to the spread of coronavirus. These countries also have socialized medicine. As of April 9, 208, 2767 and 793 people died of coronavirus in South Korea, Germany, and Sweden, respectively. IN THE USA — 18344. But we should not forget that the population of South Korea, Germany, and Sweden is 52, 3.9 and 34 times less than in the USA, respectively.

Our country may also face a shortage of medical equipment. Harvard University estimates that if 40% of the adult population in the US is infected with coronavirus, and it is rampant for 12 months, we will also face an acute shortage of medical beds, equipment, and even places to accommodate the sick.

There is no socialized medicine in the U.S., but there is government regulation on the use of new methods of disease testing and treatment. Lack of quick methods of testing for the virus in the human body is one of the reasons for the catastrophic situation in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

In April, the New York Times reported that infectious disease expert Hellen Chu from Seattle had developed a quick test for the presence of coronavirus in humans. For several weeks, she tried to convince the FDA to allow her to use this test in practice but was refused. And in those days, Seattle was overwhelmed by a wave of sick people. Then she decided that she could no longer wait and tested the local teenager. It turned out that he was infected with a coronavirus, although he did not leave the city and felt good. However, the FDA ordered Helen Chu to stop testing immediately. Seattle residents suffered from this prohibition, as they could not be tested earlier and begin, if necessary, treatment at the initial stage of the disease.

Only relatively recently has the FDA allowed states to set up laboratories to develop coronavirus tests. And immediately, two private companies, Hologic and LabCorp, applied for approval of their methods for determining the human COVID-19 virus. The FDA recently approved a test system proposed by Roche Molecular Systems. This system is 10 times faster than the one used today in the United States. To the credit of the FDA, this statement was made within 24 hours.

It is well known that there is a shortage of hand sanitizers. But only recently have FDA officials announced that they will not prevent pharmacists from making their own alcohol-based products. The FDA also authorized TSA to produce disinfectant bottles for air passengers.

Many Democratic governors have banned the treatment of patients with coronavirus drug hydroxychloroquine. It has long been used in the treatment of malaria. The fact that this medicine helps in the fight against coronavirus was discovered by chance. It has helped South Korea counter the spread of the virus in the country. The Indian government also encourages its use. When Trump announced that hydroxychloroquine is a promising drug in the fight against coronavirus, he repeated only what French and South Korean doctors reported. But Democrats opposed the use of this medicine in the United States. In their opinion, let the Americans die, but in no case can Trump be right.

Dr. Zelenko works in Rockland and Orange counties in New York State. He treated his patients infected with coronavirus, giving them hydroxychloroquine in combination with an antibiotic. Of the 699 patients, 695 recovered and only four were sent to the hospital. None of the patients of Dr. Zelenko died. Well, and how did Governor Andrew Cuomo take advantage of these encouraging results? He forbade treating people infected with coronavirus at home and ordered all those infected to be sent to the hospital even in a mild form. The same anti-virus practice is used in Italy and Spain. As a result, the hospitals are overcrowded with patients, and the medical staff does not have time to render timely assistance to them. This was one of the reasons for the high mortality from coronavirus in Italy, Spain and New York. Only recently, many Democratic governors have allowed the use of hydroxychloroquine. How many human lives could be saved if these governors did not prioritize their policy of confrontation with Trump and really cared about the health and lives of their residents.

Today, Democrats accuse Trump of a belated reaction to the threat of coronavirus in our country. They quickly forgot that Trump banned travel from China to the United States on January 31, 2020 — the day after it became known that this virus is transmitted from person to person. For this decision, the president was ridiculed by left-wing media and Democrats, and Joe Biden accused Trump of xenophobia and hysteria.

Trump, like any president of the United States, makes his decisions, taking into account the recommendations of his advisers and the statements of political journalists. These recommendations and statements about how to respond to the threat of the US coronavirus were vague, contradictory, and even incorrect. For example, during a Newsmax interview with Anthony Fauci on January 21, the host asked: “Do we need to worry about this (coronavirus — GG)?”. Fauci replied: “This is not a major threat to the people of the United States. This is not something that citizens of the United States should worry about right now. ” On February 3, Fauci told CNBC: “This is still a developing situation. We don’t know exactly where she will go. ” On February 24th, Nancy Pelosi urged San Francisco residents to gather in the city’s Chinatowns. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared coronavirus a pandemic only on March 11th. William Hazeltine, a former professor at Harvard Medical School, said at the end of March that White House medical consultants had not yet decided whether medical personnel should wear masks in public places if there are no symptoms of the disease.

In mid-March, de Blasio issued a directive that said: “Because of precaution, I tell all New Yorkers: take a scarf, a headscarf, everything you have at home and just cover your face if you are going to be in close contact with people who are not your family living under the same roof. ” The mayor of Los Angeles also issued a similar directive. New York State and city leaders said at the time that the city had the best hospitals in the world, equipped with all the necessary medical equipment. Howard Zucker, New York State Health Commissioner, said that "there is no clear evidence that closed people will slow the spread of the disease." Against wearing medical gloves in public places was made by Mark Siegel, one of the leading Fox News.

The following statement was posted on WHO’s twitter on March 26th: “Unless you have respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough or runny nose, you don’t need to wear a medical mask.”

Left-wing politicians and journalists completely forgot about their speeches and statements of colleagues in which they did not notice or downplay the threat of coronavirus in our country. None of them mentioned a word that urgent measures needed to be taken. And today, all of them together accuse Trump of his belated reaction to the fight against the spread of this epidemic.

Many medical experts, both in the US and in Europe, were taken by surprise and were in no hurry to recognize the seriousness of the pandemic. This was facilitated by China's lie about the coronavirus. Studies by the University of Southampton (Great Britain) showed that if the Chinese government did not suppress the spread of coronavirus in the country and immediately began a large-scale struggle against its spread, then 95% of cases of diseases in China could be avoided, and the coronavirus would not turn into a pandemic.

 The poor performance of socialized medicine in European countries is evidenced by data on the deceased. At the end of February 2020, the number of deaths from all diseases to the country's population referred to 1 million of the population, was
USA - 57.4 people
Spain - 352 people
Italy - 312 people
Great Britain - 155 people
The Netherlands - 152 people
Sweden - 88 people.

On April 11, the number of deaths from coronavirus, attributed to the country's population, was 55 times in Spain, Italy 48 times, Great Britain 10 times, Sweden 13 times, Denmark 7 times, Germany 5.4 times, Canada 5.4 4.8 times and the Netherlands 2.7 times more than in the United States.

To defame Trump, the left-wing media goes to any dirty lie. For example, on April 8, ABC News announced that the US military intelligence department had warned the president about the threat of coronavirus back in November 2019, but Trump allegedly ignored this warning. On April 9, the director of the department denied the statement by ABC News. So Trump had nothing to ignore. Of course, ABC News did not apologize for its lies. By the way, coronavirus began to spread rapidly in China in December 2019, and the government began to take emergency measures to combat its spread only at the end of January 2020.

According to Johns Hopkins University on April 8, of the 10 most-affected states from coronavirus, only Florida and Georgia are controlled by Republicans. The remaining 8 states are led by Democrats. By the way, Florida is in 7th place, and Georgia in the 10th. Nonetheless, left-wing media and Democratic leaders constantly claim that coronavirus is rampant in the states with Republican governors. These leftists do not notice that New York State, which has been dominated by Democrats for many years, accounts for 36% of all those infected with the virus in the United States and 43.5% of those who die from the disease.

In this difficult time that our country is going through, the main priority of the left-wing media and the leaders of the Democrats has been and remains the slander of everything that President Trump and his administration are doing, including the fight against the spread of coronavirus in the United States.

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