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President Trump promised to send senators ... on vacation

President Trump promised to send senators ... on vacation

Congressmen, tirelessly taking care of the health and safety of American citizens, decided not only to spend their Easter holidays but also extended them just in case, at least until the fourth of May. An explanation for this phenomenon has not yet been found, but closer to the elections they will probably come up with something very convincing.

The Senate, unlike the House of Representatives, manages to “work a little” to prevent Trump from using the “recess appointments” right to temporarily appoint members of the government without their approval by the Senate during the coronavirus vacation. Senators quite a long time ago discovered a tricky rule that they regularly use in their uncompromising fight against Trump's “nominees”, according to which it is enough for them to open a meeting even for one minute so that it is considered that Congress is working, and every day some senator is courageous, although perhaps, and remotely — via Skype or Zoom, opens the meeting, and then closes it rights there.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was powerless to declare a Senate vacation because this requires the consent of Chuck Schumer. Senators say “neither peace nor war” — they don’t go to work, but they refuse to officially rest.

Trump, after looking at a long list of patiently awaiting confirmation of candidates for various positions in the government, thought deeply and decided to refresh his memory of his rights and responsibilities set out in the Constitution. As it turned out, according to the third part of the second article of the Constitution, the President can, in exceptional cases, summon Congress from a vacation or, conversely, send it on vacation, which Trump said at another coronavirus press conference, adding that there are no senators in Washington, so their “opening of meetings” except for anti-government and anti-popular farce.

There's an old anecdote about how a woman came to a rabbi and asked for help because her husband was cheating on her. Rebbe advised her to make a rattle some mixture of various suspicious ingredients, all thoroughly stirred and poured under the door of her husband's mistress. “Does that help?” the woman asked. “Anyway, it won't hurt”, answered the rabbi.

Based on the above, and answering the question of whether the appointment of Puck in the fight against the coronavirus, we can safely say that it will not interfere.

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