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Coronavirus: In Pentagon Real Chaos!

A state of emergency has been declared at US military bases ...

Against the backdrop of the massive spread of coronavirus in the United States, the US military is forced to endure real chaos. According to official figures, a state of emergency was declared at 150 US military bases, as thousands of soldiers became infected with the COVID-19 virus.

At the same time, the number of cases only increases due to the constant close contacts of military personnel. Pentagon officials said Tuesday that more than 3,000 cases of coronavirus have been seen in the military. But it just does not fit into any framework. In addition, a huge number of infected are tracked among the civilian population of the country.

Because of the emergency regime, the military bases seemed to have died out: any movement around the territory stopped, the exercises and basic training programs were interrupted. We can say that all the activities of military personnel have, in principle, been terminated.

The most interesting thing is that the Pentagon does not react in any way to the mass infection of the military, which simply can lead to their death. About such information (massive infections at military bases) are not accepted to spread. In fact, management created a “great” secret from this, justified by the need to maintain operational security. However, this policy is strongly rebuffed by the military itself and some lawmakers.

Coronavirus: In Pentagon Real Chaos!

Nevertheless, this means that the United States was at a very disadvantageous position: due to the large-scale incidence among the military, the country was completely not combat-ready. But this can adversely affect the state since the Americans are still those lovers to make enemies ...

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