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Italian fined four thousand euros for a run on the beach

Italian fined four thousand euros for a run on the beach

In Italy, for violation of quarantine imposed due to an outbreak of coronavirus, issued a fine of four thousand euros to a man who decided to run on the beach. It happened in the town of Pescara, on the Adriatic coast.

The violation became known from videotapes on the Internet. The law enforcers identified the runner, after which they fined him.

The quarantine regime has been in force in Coronavirus-covered Italy for over a month now. It is prohibited to exercise in the open air. And they are allowed to move no further than 200 meters away from home. In addition to a fine, quarantine violators are also threatened with will restriction — up to three months. The country occupies the third place in the world by the number of infected, after the USA and Spain. As of April 15, 165 155 people were infected with Coronavirus in Italy. Of these, 21,645 have died.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that the quarantine imposed on the country due to the Coronavirus pandemic has been extended until May 3.

At the same time, in regions that are less affected by the pandemic, it is already allowed to resume the activity of some commercial enterprises, including shops selling books, stationery and children's clothing. At the same time, strict hygiene regulations and restrictions on the number of clients who can be served at the same time are in place.

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