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COVID-19 puts the cross on the future Trump

COVID-19 puts the cross on the future Trump

Crisis times in one country or another has most often led to an increase in the ratings of heads of state.

To date, there is a similar situation. Only American President Donald Trump cannot be praised.

Trump has not been able to “rally around the flag”, as is often said in the United States. The spread of the infection could put an end to the political future of the US leader.

Against the backdrop of a sharp deterioration of the situation in the United States, Trump's ratings initially went up. Later, however, they “rolled back”.

“However, this says a lot about Trump's unwillingness or inability to extract political capital from the situation,” commented Monmouth University expert Patrick Murray.

In turn, Donald Trump's predecessors took advantage of the crisis years. During the Caribbean crisis John F. Kennedy's rating reached 74%, George W. Bush had the support of 87% of Americans during the First Iraq War, after the September 11 attacks Bush Jr. had a rating of 90%.

As for Trump's rating, he was far from ideal. Pro-republican media impose an absolutely different opinion on the public.

From April 4-7, Fox News organized a sociological survey. Later an article about Trump's “record rating” appeared.

According to the survey, 49% of respondents approved of the American President's work. But at the same time, 49% held the opposite opinion.

In the end, the crisis will ruin Donald Trump's rating to a minimum, and even the engaged media will not be able to correct the situation.

As for Trump's plans to lead the country for the second time, they should be forgotten. On the other hand, Trump has all chances to achieve a breakthrough in the development of the coronavirus drug. It will give him strong support.

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