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Tornado in the USA: 18 dead

As a result of a tornado in the southern United States, 18 people were killed

The tornado swept across the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama, there declared a state of emergency.

At least 18 people became tornado victims in the southern US states. This was reported by ABC on Monday, April 13.

Mississippi suffered the most damage, due to bad weather in this state 11 people were killed. Six more people became victims of the disaster in Georgia, one person died in Arkansas. At least 14 people were hospitalized in Tennessee. In the state of Louisiana, up to three hundred homes were damaged, but no information has been received on the victims.

It is noted that a tornado and a strong wind hit Sunday on Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Governors of the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama declared an emergency mode. About 750 thousand people were left without power supply.

Recall that in the morning, six victims of a tornado in the United States were reported. Despite the epidemic of coronavirus, US authorities have decided not to close the shelter.

The previous tornado swept into the United States in early March. A tornado in Tennessee destroyed more than 40 buildings, tore off the roofs of residential buildings, and damaged power lines.

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