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Why is it profitable for Russia to Trump to remain the president

Oddly enough, Trump turned out to be the most profitable American president for Russia

The whole question is how to understand the benefits and how to measure them. In this sense, we must recall the old saying: “If you want to drag a donkey into a car, you need to drag it from the car.” That is, if you want to achieve the desired result, it is often better to push the process in the opposite direction.

In traditional medicine they know: the most correct healing from a disease comes through its exacerbation. This is if you treat the symptoms, you need to seek to alleviate them. If a disease is treated, it is led through an exacerbation. Then the body includes all the resistance mechanisms, and the disease recedes. The whole question is in the dose — it is not for nothing that the snake pouring poison into the bowl is a symbol of medicine.

Trump is doing what is commonly called with Russia: “What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger.” He imposes sanctions, but such that in the end, Russia becomes stronger than it was before them. “Thunder will not strike — a man will not cross himself,” they say in Russia. Trump is the same thunder that makes a man think about the most important thing. Trump introduces sanctions that do not strangle Russia but force its immunity to turn on.

It’s not out of love for Russia that Trump does this. No, it is simply unprofitable for him to completely smash a country that is opposed to its main internal enemies. After all, if Trump strangles Russia, he will fulfill the program of the Democrats, and they will strengthen, and the Republicans will weaken. Nothing personal just business.

What has Trump achieved in strengthening Russia? A lot of things. I will not speak about Syria and the Middle East, everything is said here. About the triumph of our defense industry, too. Much has been said about import substitution, which, no matter how you say it, is still moving somehow. It’s just worth looking at the food stalls of supermarkets to see this — the share of our products there has become dominant.

But there is also something else good that Trump has done for Russia. It:

1. Announcement of forced delisting of Chinese companies on US stock exchanges. They are not just kicked out of there, but also tracked so that they cannot solve their tasks on the exchanges of Germany or Hong Kong. Chinese companies will not be able to buy American stocks there either.

This, of course, creates problems for the Chinese, but in fact, pushes them in the back to get away from the dollar as soon as possible and join efforts in this direction with Russia. If not for Trump, China would swing for another hundred years and sit in the dollar zone. Russia from this one loss. Now, a completely different matter.

And the consequences of Trump's policy against China have already manifested.

2. Russia and China have agreed to exchange the Russian RD-180 rocket engine for the latest microelectronics necessary for Russia, used in the economy and in the military-industrial complex. Such an exchange of high technology would not have taken place if Trump had not been president in the United States.

As a result, the Chinese will be able to strengthen their space programs opposing the United States, and Russia will receive breakthrough technologies that are mastered in China and which the West of Russia will never sell. Negotiations with China on this topic were long and difficult, but, as D’Artanyan sang: “Thank God there are friends and thank God friends have swords!” Thank God, there is Trump in Washington! Well, tell me, who, besides Trump, could best persuade China to decide on such a step?

No matter what you say, we need Trump for another four years. Another presidential term of Trump - and the union of Russia and China will make unthinkable changes in the world. Trump can no longer abandon his signature style: push, push and push again. And the more he presses, the more he blows up the US political system, destroys their system of alliances and pushes Russia to strengthen alliances with China, India and alternative Europe.

Under pressure from the United States, led by Trump, an alternative to the dollar financial and military-political system is being created in the world at an accelerated pace. The economies of Russia and China are becoming more independent, finding new alliances and going through some kind of breakdown caused by getting rid of the usual dollar dependence. Trump involuntarily accelerates the creation of the world in an anti-American way. The harder he pushes the American donkey into the carriage, the further he backs away from the carriage.

It is very good that Trump is still succeeding in driving American corporations home from China - this way he strengthens his position in the USA. It is good that he can defeat the democrats and break their globalist strategy of total colonization of the world. As a result of his reign, the American empire will become much weaker, and the world outside the United States will become more formalized and independent.

Trump is an American Gorbachev. He began American perestroika with the American version of the slogans of acceleration, offering to start the process in order to “deepen” and “form” it later. Naturally, the entire American anti-perestroika army “could not sacrifice principles” and began to shout that capitalism cannot be improved by socialism. George Soros is Egor Ligachev of the American Central Committee. The Soviet version of perestroika in an absolute mirror version is being repeated now in the USA.

It is objectively beneficial for Russia to continue the processes that began in the United States with the advent of Donald Trump. American perestroika will certainly lead to a deep crisis in world trade and the system of American unions. How the American political system will survive — no one knows. Trump does everything according to old Chinese wisdom: “The worse, the better.” So the Chinese understand the dialectic of change.

Who says boomerangs are not coming back?

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