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U.S. Coronavirus: Americans buy up alcohol during the quarantine

U.S. Coronavirus: Americans buy up alcohol during the quarantine

In the U.S., alcohol sales are growing at a record pace during quarantine. The strongest alcohol sales have grown in online stores. This is evidenced by data from the marketing agency Nielsen.

Thus, just one week sales of wine in the U.S. rose by 27.6%, while beer, cider, and other beverages — by 14%. We are talking about the sale of alcoholic beverages in stationary outlets. Alcohol sales online rose by 42% over the week.

It is noteworthy that under quarantine conditions, U.S. residents, as a rule, are not limited to buying one unit of alcoholic beverages. Packages of three liters of wine and 24 units of beer are popular. According to Nielsen, during the weekly sales of three-liter packs of wine grew by 53%, and beer (in 24 packs) — by 24%.

We shall remind you that earlier it was reported that Corona beer was stopped in Mexico because of coronavirus. This decision was taken against the backdrop of a government order to close down all enterprises that are not of critical importance.

Earlier, the World Health Organization was advised to abstain from drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes during self-isolation.

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