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Bill Gates Predicts Next Pandemic

Bill Gates Predicts Next Pandemic

Bill Gates warns of new outbreaks of infections

Bill Gates fears that the current pandemic will deepen social stratification, as the transition to distance education will worsen access to knowledge for children from poor families.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is sure that the current pandemic is not a unique event in the history of mankind, such crises will continue to occur at intervals of approximately 20 years. It is reported by the Financial Times.

According to Gates, coronavirus is a payment for too blurry borders and global mobility.

“If world leaders and legislators were properly prepared for the situation, the cost of preventing a crisis could be many trillions of dollars lower. In the future, governments should keep diagnostic tools, vast libraries of antiviruses, and early warning systems ready, ” Gates said.

According to the billionaire, the United States will return to normal life no earlier than 2021. And quarantine measures can be completely abandoned only after mass vaccination.

At the same time, Bill Gates predicts an inevitable stratification of society due to a pandemic.

“Some schools and universities will be able to switch to distance learning, but not all students — especially from low-income families — have devices and the Internet suitable for classes. This will further strengthen social stratification, ” says Gates.

Earlier, Microsoft founder Bill Gates called for a “consistent nationwide quarantine approach” to combat the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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