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Coronavirus: New York City digs mass graves...

In New York, in a cemetery on Hart Island, near the Bronx, work is underway to prepare mass graves in which they will bury the unclaimed remains of coronavirus deceased. Subsequently, it is supposed to be reburied in a public cemetery on the same island, the Guardian reports.

This is a necessary measure since morgues do not cope with the problem of storing the bodies of the dead until burial or cremation.

The publication said that usually, before the COVID-19 epidemic, an average of 25 funerals was held in the cemetery on Hart Island (mainly those whose families have no funds for the funeral, or those who remained unclaimed relatives or friends) are buried here. Now, dozens of funerals have to be carried out daily.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in the state of New York, COVID-19 has affected approximately 162 thousand people, more than 7,000 of them have died, and only 800 people have died in the last day. In general, in the United States, more than 465 thousand people fell ill with COVID-19, almost 17 thousand died (about 1900 on the last day).

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