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The spread of coronavirus has slowed in Europe

The spread of the new coronavirus has slowed over the past week in several European countries.

This was stated by the Director-General of the World Health Organization Tedros Adan Gebreyesus.

“Over the past week, we have seen a slowdown in the spread of coronavirus in some of the most affected countries in Europe, such as Spain, Italy, Germany, and France,” he said.

But the head of WHO expressed concern about the accelerated spread of infection in other states. In this regard, he drew attention to the growing number of infections in rural Africa. The foci of the disease are registered in 16 states of the continent.

“No country can claim to have immunity from coronavirus,” he said. The head of WHO called for assistance to Africa.

He also warned that “removing restrictions too quickly can lead to a new acceleration” in the spread of coronavirus.

The WHO believes that relief should be introduced gradually, subject to a number of conditions. In particular, the transmission of the virus must be “under control”, sufficient resources of the health services must be used in the fight against the pandemic, the risks must be “minimized”, preventive measures must be taken and the public informed about the current situation.

According to the Director-General, he is particularly concerned about a large number of cases of coronavirus infection among medical personnel. In some countries, up to 10% of health workers are infected. The head of WHO noted that the organization will actively participate in the supply of protective equipment. To this end, seven transport aircraft will be involved. At least 100 million medical masks and glove sets are required each month, as well as up to 2.5 million diagnostic tests. Solving this problem will require 280 million dollars. In this regard, WHO called on donors to “support this important system”.

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