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$20 trillion lawsuits filed against China through COVID-19

$20 trillion lawsuits filed against China through COVID-19

The world now knows that the COVID-19 pandemic has spread from China. Until now, no one has “scattered” accusations about the place of “birth” of the virus, but as one might assume at first, sooner or later, the blame will be attributed to the Republic of China.

As it happened, the first lawsuits did not take long.

At the moment, the courts of Israel and the United States are considering a number of lawsuits, filed not by one person but by the entire team. All the authors of the lawsuit are convinced that China is completely guilty of what is happening and should face a heavy fine of several trillions of dollars. Two lawsuits have been filed in America today by Freedom Watch and Berman Law Group. The biggest fine for Beijing was set by Freedom Watch, which claimed as much as $20 trillion.

Immediately after the American firms, the “relay” was adopted by the Israeli. Tel Aviv appealed to Herzliya to defend its citizens. They estimated $27.4 billion in damages. All three lawsuits have a common meaning: the Celestial is guilty of deliberately infecting the planet with “biological weapons” and the duty to conceal information about the virus itself, its nature, prevention. Of course, such amounts sound extremely unrealistic. The number of such applications may increase in the future.

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