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Threats to infect with coronavirus in the US equate to terrorism

Threats to infect with coronavirus in the US equate to terrorism

Americans threatening to infect others are now being tried on terrorism article.

Two Americans have been accused of terrorism for threatening the spread of coronavirus. About it writes Global News on Thursday, April 9.

In particular, James Jamal Curry from the city of St. Petersburg in Florida, while resisting arrest, he spat twice in the mouth of a policewoman, threatening to kill her. At the same time, the sergeant noticed blood in the saliva. Then Curry shouted “I have a coronavirus, I infect them,” however, the test refuted his words. Now he faces up to five years in prison for a false threat of using biological weapons.

A similar incident occurred in Texas. Christopher Charles Perez, 39, wrote on Facebook that he paid someone to distribute coronavirus in grocery stores in San Antonio. Thus, he allegedly wanted to keep people from shopping.

Two weeks earlier, Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen allowed prosecutors throughout the United States to bring terrorism charges for such cases. He said threats or attempts to use COVID-19 as a weapon are unacceptable.

Recall that earlier an American was arrested for licking goods in a supermarket. A woman came to the store and started licking bottles and packaging there. Since the goods cannot be returned for sale due to the coronavirus pandemic, the American caused nearly 2 thousand dollars worth of damage.

It was also reported that in the US, the mayor’s wife was arrested in a bar during the quarantine. 48 hours before the woman’s arrest, the politician instructed the local police to look for quarantine violators in bars.

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