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In the USA, a patch-type vaccine against COVID-19 was invented

American scientists have developed a prototype of the vaccine against coronavirus infection COVID-19. It is a tiny form of a patch with microneedles that fits on the tip of a finger.

Material on the development of a prototype of a promising vaccine was published by EBioMedicine.

The drug has already been tested on animals - rodents in the laboratory two weeks later were able to develop the necessary antibodies to counter COVID-19.

The authors of the vaccine compare their patch with a small Velcro, on one side of which four hundred tiny needles are placed.

Since these needles are formed from proteins and sugars, after a while they completely dissolve in the body, and a person does not have any signs of vaccination.

It is noted that the vaccine does not need to be kept cold during storage, therefore the process of its creation and transportation is minimized as much as possible.

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