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Coronavirus in China: no one died in a day

Coronavirus in China: no one died in a day

For the first time since January, deaths from COVID-19 were not recorded in the country. Since the outbreak, 94.4% of those infected have recovered.

In China over the past day, not a single person has died of COVID-19. At the same time, 32 new cases of infection were revealed, all of them are imported, the State Committee on Health of the People's Republic of China said on April 7.

The total number of cases of infection in the country over the entire period of the epidemic has reached 81,740, of which 1,242 people are currently ill (211 people are in serious condition), 77,167 people have been discharged from hospitals, 3,331 have died.

At the moment, there are almost no local cases of infection in the country, most of the infected come from abroad. A total of 983 imported cases of coronavirus infection were detected, of which 698 people are ill, 21 are in serious condition, 285 have recovered.

Since April 1, the country's authorities have begun to publish data on cases of asymptomatic disease, 30 have been identified over the past 24 hours, nine of which are imported.

Currently, another 1033 infected people who have no symptoms remain under medical supervision.

Earlier, Chinese doctors said that men over 50 who suffer from chronic diseases are the most unprotected group of patients with coronavirus.

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