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Coronavirus in the world: pandemic map and statistics for April 6

Coronavirus in the world: pandemic map and statistics for April 6

The US is ahead of China in the number of infected and killed by COVID-19, but Western Europe remains the main focus.

The coronavirus causing the dangerous COVID-19 disease has spread to more than 180 countries and territories. The pandemic is far from over, but it has already become one of the largest in history. The UN said that there has not been such a crisis in the world since World War II.

Because of the coronavirus, the whole world is actually in quarantine — most countries have imposed restrictions, from the most severe (the ban to go out, huge fines for violations) to relatively mild, such as: changing the work of transport and closing cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, etc.

According to data from April 6 from the American Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, the number of people infected with coronavirus worldwide is 1,276,302. At the same time, 69 527 people died, and 264 048 people recovered.

World map of coronavirus — infected and dead

TOP 10 countries in Europe by deaths from COVID-19

Country Died Infected
1. Italy 15 887 128 948
2. Spain 12 641 131 646
3. France 8 078 93 780
4. Great Britain 4 934 48 440
5. The Netherlands 1 766 17 965
6. Germany 1,584,100 123
7. Belgium 1 447 19 691
8. Switzerland 715 21 100
9. Sweden 401 6 830
10. Portugal 295 11 278

If you look at the statistics for countries, the United States is already ahead of China in terms of the number of infections and deaths. As of April 1, 4,079 people died in America, a quarter in one state, New York. In this regard, President Donald Trump, who initially criticized hard quarantine, now says that it is a matter of life and death. More than 1.2 thousand people have died in the United States on the last day due to a disease caused by the new coronavirus. This is the largest number of deaths recorded per day since the onset of the outbreak in the world.

Europe remains one of the main centers of the pandemic. Italy is the country number for deaths from COVID-19, in four more EU countries there are already more than 1000 victims.

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