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Trump announced the introduction of troops in New York to combat coronavirus

Trump announced the introduction of troops in New York to combat coronavirus

Thousand military men, including doctors and nurses, will be transferred to the city. Military experts will also go to help the other US States.

US authorities will send troops to New York to combat the spread of coronavirus, US President Donald Trump said during a briefing at the White House, CNBC reports.

In total, 1 thousand troops will be sent to the city, the president specified, since one of the most difficult situations with coronavirus infection has developed in New York. He also announced the dispatch of mechanical ventilation apparatus (mechanical ventilation) to the city and state of New York. Now there are 10 thousand of such devices in warehouses, Trump said.

The president also said that “thousands and thousands” of military personnel will also be sent to help US states. According to Trump, the number of seconded servicemen will include military doctors and nurses.

According to the US leader, the next week is likely to be “the hardest”, as the country will face “many deaths,” Bloomberg reports.

Earlier, on April 4, it became known that the US Department of Defense is moving military funeral teams to New York in order to help in the burial and cremation of the bodies of coronavirus victims. The team, which was temporarily transferred from Virginia, included 42 people. Military experts also went to other states.

New York became the focus of coronavirus infection in the United States. According to Johns Hopkins University, 1905 people have died in the city since the start of the pandemic. In total, 8175 deaths were registered in the country, almost 302 thousand people were infected.

Experts who are part of a special group to coordinate efforts to combat the virus at the White House believe that mortality in the United States can be from 100 to 240 thousand people. Such a forecast is likely, they say if the Americans abide by the restrictions imposed by the authorities. If nothing is done to fight the infection, the number of dead people may reach 2.2 million, they warn.

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