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In New York, because of the lack of bathrobes, doctors have to wear garbage bags

Brooklyn Medical Center employee

Doctors and staff at Brooklyn will have to wear raincoats and garbage bags instead of bathrobes.

At New York's Brooklyn Medical Center, doctors and staff will have to wear raincoats and garbage bags instead of medical gowns. This was reported to CNN by SUNY Downstate Medical Center president Wayne Riley.

According to him, in the medical institution bathrobes for staff will last only for a day and a half.

“We can’t wait for us to be provided with state stock. As we know, the state stock is exhausted. Therefore, we need to be inventive,” Riley said.

On Monday, March 31, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that there would be enough medical supplies in the city for a week.

Recall that at the moment, New York is the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States. The number of deaths from coronavirus in the state exceeded three thousand, infected more than 100 thousand people.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump called the metropolis a hotbed of the spread of the disease and announced a decision to send a thousand military doctors there.

New York recruits volunteers to fight coronavirus.

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