Trump explained the refusal to wear a mask during a coronavirus

Trump explained the refusal to wear a mask during a coronavirus

US President Donald Trump explained the refusal to wear a mask during a coronavirus. He stated this at a press conference in the White House.

The American leader advised to preserve medical masks for doctors and do home-made. According to him, such remedies can be purchased on the Internet or made at home from improvised materials. However, he drew attention to the voluntary nature of the implementation of recommendations and said that he himself would not adhere to them. “This is just a recommendation. I feel good. I just don’t want to do this, ” said the head of state.

He explained that he considered it inappropriate for him to wear a medical mask. “You know, sitting in the Oval Office at the beautiful, great Rezolyut table and wearing a mask while welcoming presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens. I don’t even know, this is not for me, ” said Trump.

The President added that he could change his mind, but expressed the hope that the coronavirus pandemic will soon decline.

As of April 4, in the world, more than 1 million 66 thousand infected with the coronavirus. The USA is the world anti-leader in the number of infected citizens (more than 270 thousand cases). The country more than twice overtook Italy and Spain, which are in second and third place, respectively, while the mortality rate in the United States does not exceed two percent.

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