Millions of unemployed and protests due to quarantine: what's happening in the US right now

A threatening and catastrophic situation with the spread of coronavirus in the United States is called by observers. In New York alone, nearly 50 thousand people fell ill. The pace of the spread of the disease in America is growing daily, even the presidential election has been threatened.

After 27 days on the high seas, the Zaandam vessel entered Port Everglades. A cruise ship was heading to Chile. But when it became known that there were patients with the coronavirus on board, it was forbidden to moor. But Panama was not allowed to enter the Panama Canal.

Another ship also drifted offshore until it received the green light from Florida. Among more than thousands of passengers, there are ten in critical condition onboard both liners. They will be rushed to the hospital. Another 45 will remain on board — in quarantine. While negotiations were ongoing with the authorities, four infected died. The issue was decided after the intervention of Donald Trump.

“I want to remind all congressmen — now is not the time for political games. We must fight for the lives of our people, and not waste time,” the US president said.

In terms of distribution, COVID-19 is the first in the world. Only in the state of New York, more people got sick than in China as a whole. More than two thousand — have died. And the medical staff complains about the lack of protective equipment.

“We are critically short of elementary masks. To protect ourselves, we are forced to come up with something. Now we are making ourselves on a 3D printer,” says nurse Nicole Wake.

Residents of the city complain about the lack of work. In the past week alone, more than 6.5 million people have applied for social benefits. Most of the unemployed are in the field of catering.

“A lot of the restaurants I worked with have closed. And the wineries have stopped production. For three weeks now I have been doing practically nothing,” notes Dan Phelan, who remained unemployed.

The protest against the intensified quarantine measures in Los Angeles hardly turned into a tragedy. The 44-year-old driver tried to run the locomotive he was driving off the rails and ram the floating hospital. In the end, the train broke through the concrete fence and stopped. No one was injured in the incident.

Earlier we wrote about how Russia sold the United States humanitarian aid. It turned out that the cargo with medical equipment and protective equipment from Russia, which the press service of Vladimir Putin called “humanitarian aid” to fight the coronavirus, was delivered to the United States for money.

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