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Coronavirus committee set up to oversee the Trump administration

Coronavirus committee set up to oversee the Trump administration

A special committee on the coronavirus crisis is being created in the House of Representatives. Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the discovery and noted that this committee would receive the authority to call witnesses among government officials to testify.

The task of the new committee will be to control what decisions the Donald Trump administration makes and how the money is spent to combat the epidemic. The committee will include representatives of both parties, although Democrats as a majority party will have an advantage in the number of representatives.

Congressman James Clyburn, the third in the Democratic hierarchy in Congress, will head the committee. He was one of the leading Trump impeachment proceedings.

Klaiburn compared the newly formed committee to the one that worked during the Second World War and monitored the correct spending of the military budget. That committee was led by Senator Harry Truman, who later became vice president and then president of the United States.

In the White House, the creation of the “coronavirus” committee was perceived negatively. Trump's team sees this as an attempt by the Democrats to tie their hands in a crisis when they need to act quickly.

Just now, in political circles, a discussion has begun about what role impeachment played in Trump’s reaction to the COVID-19 epidemic. Were it not for this process, it would probably be possible to influence the situation earlier and prevent a national pandemic with all the consequences.

Indeed, on the very day when the congressmen solemnly submitted the articles of impeachment to Trump to the Senate, the first case of coronavirus infection was recorded in America. It was clear to everyone that impeachment would fail: however, the Democrats stubbornly tried to bring it to the end, diverting the attention of the Trump administration from the country's urgent problems.

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